MC-ARES Frequency List


Any member of the Manatee County ARES/RACES who, for any reason, suspects that a communications emergency may exits should monitor the 147.195+ PL103.5 repeater for instructions and assignment. If this repeater is not available, the 443.875+ PL 100 ARES repeater will be utilized. The MARCI 146.820- PL 100 will be used as a tertiary repeater if needed.


ARES/RACES members, upon becoming aware or being notified that an emergency exists, shall monitor the following frequencies:

147.195 + PL 103.5 and / or 443.875+ PL 100 repeater to receive instructions and assignments and to supplement the primary emergency net frequency.

146.820- PL 100 repeater only if the 147.195 + PL 103.5 and the 443.875+ PL 100 are not in service or if needed as a supplemental frequency. (Authorized by EC or AEC).

147.480 is the primary Simplex frequency during an emergency, and as a supplemental when repeaters are inoperative or as assigned for additional traffic by the EC or AEC. Additionally, 147.490 Simplex will be available for tactical operation as assigned by Net Control.









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